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Kate Messner


Soupy Saturdays with the Pain and the Great One (series #1) PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• Another fabulous series by the venerable Judy Blume.
• This series is geared towards a younger Blume reader, think younger than the Fudge books.
• The stories in these collections have very relatable issues for young readers and are all done with a great amount of
   humor and candor.
• Each chapter is a stand-alone story, which makes this a great shared reading book before bed and also a wonderful book for your Reader, Sr, to tackle alone.
• I just love how Blume doesn't condescend to children. It goes without saying that this series is really well-written.
   The stories will hold your child's attention and show them the writing process at top form.
Sweet Series Background:
This early-chapter book series is about a set of siblings, the Pain and the Great One, who are, respectively, a first grade boy and a third grade girl. Love the names! Blume has said they are based on her own children; that the original story was written at home with a house full of her children's friends, when her children were six and eight years old. It was originally published as a poem for "Free to Be You and Me." Then Blume published an illustrated picture book called The Pain and the Great One, and now we can enjoy these sassy characters in this delightful chapter book series.
As in all of Blume's books, she is completely honest with her young readers and she doesn't shy away from any issues. This new series is no different, albeit written for a bit younger reader than those that devour the Fudge books.The chapters are actually interconnected, short stories about everyday things in the lives of the Pain and the Great One.
Sweet Book Summary:
Soupy Saturdays is all about the errands and activities the Pain and the Great One do with their parents on a Saturday. Blume tackles getting a haircut, learning to ride a bike, pretending around your friends that you can ride a bike (even if you can't), playing soccer, and having a birthday party and your little brother gets sick! All the while, highlighting a contentious, but loving, sibling relationship that we probably can all recognize within our own families. I have checked mild concerns for subject matter in our review highlights only because she addresses issues that would be good conversation starters for you and your young reader.
Author: Judy Blume Illustrator: James Stevenson Published: 2007, 128 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Growing Up, Family Life, Humor
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