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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


Keeker and the Springtime Surprise (series #4) PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• The Sneaky Pony Series is a warm and appealing set of books with a vintage quality.
• This is the perfect series for the horse/pony obsessed little girl, although should not be limited to the equine set, as
  all little girls will enjoy these sweet stories.
• Keeker is an only child and is about 9 yrs old in this series, though she ages a bit as the series progresses. She
  reaches the age of 10 1/2 in the latest installment.
• What is nice about the protaganist being a bit older is that struggling readers, who get discouraged that they can only
  read "baby books" won't feel that way when the girl they are reading about is older, yet still the text (and content!) is
  simple enough that they can be successful.
• With this book, the fourth in the series, you will notice an illustrator change. No big changes with the look of the
  illustrations, they are just a tenny bit more modern, and still very appealing.
Sweet Series Background:
Keeker is a young girl who lives on a farm in Vermont with her mom and dad. She wishes for a pony, and one day, Plum, the very sneaky pony arrives. Being an only child, Keeker is thrilled to have a playmate all to herself. She won't be lonely anymore! They will do so much together and have so much fun. Plum, however, was very happy on her old farm, lazing about and eating berries. Plum has no idea who this pesky girl and why she always wants to ride her and play with her. We hear Plum's thoughts in her head, as we would a human character.

This series is about their adventures together. They are actually two little bossy characters, and their adventures together are a long series of amusing conflicts and compromises. The illustrations are really appealing. They are pen and ink, and have a vintage quality to them.

The setting is a farm in Vermont, which also feels vintage. In all the books so far, Plum and Keeker spend the day figuring out what to do on their own. There are no soccer games, piano lessons, or the like. Just a girl and her pony, entertaining themselves! Imaging that...what a great example to show our (mostly) over-scheduled children (mine included!).
Sweet Book Summary:
Keeker and Plum have set out to save the Groundhog babies! Keeker's dad doesn't like Mrs. Groundhog, because she make holes in the field, and then the horse trip in them. But Keeker and Plum are convinced once he sees these adorable groundhog puppies, he will change his mind and stop chasing them away. Keeker decides to put on a play that will illustrate her point to her parents. But Keekers parents are way too busy making sure the mare, Daisy, safely delivers her foal.

Springtime is baby time on the farm, and all the babies (even the groundhogs) end up well taken care of by Plum, Keeker and her family.
Author: Hadley Higginson Illustrator: Lisa Perrett Published: 2007, 58
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Friendship, Exquisite Illustrations
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