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What You Need to Know:
• If I Were President is a non-fiction book that walks children through the Presidency and all it's responsibilities.
• It's a little boring, but perfect for a young-ish audience who is wondering how the Presidency works.
• It is not quite as good as Stiers's other book, If I Ran for President, which explains the campaigning process.
Sweet Book Summary:
If I Were President is an informative look at the Presidency of the United States.  It talks about all the different responsibilities of the President in a very simple way.  While it is not an earth-shattering read, it serves a very speicific purpose of explaining to young children just what our president does. A must have for election season. I really liked the multicultural aspect of the illustrations of the President. Each depiction of the President in the different illustrations changes from male to female and they have different ethnicities, too. A very good multi-cultural, multi-gender example for our kids. 
Author: Catherine Stier Illustrator: DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan Published: 2004, 32 pages
Themes: Government, Reference, Non-Fiction
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