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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


Kit Feeny, On the Move (series #1) PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• New Graphic Novel for the younger crowd.
• Graphic novels are a great way for a reluctant reader to have a fun and relaxing reading experience, though all
   kinds of readers will enjoy this new series.
• Kids who enjoy the Lunch Lady and Baby Mouse series, will enjoy this series.
• There is some crude humor and use of the word stupid (just in case that sort of thing is a deal-breaker for you).
• As of 3/10, there are two books in the series.
Sweet Book Summary:
Kit Feeny is moving and he has to leave Arnold, his best friend! We are not sure what kind of creature Kit is - is he a cat (name's Kit, right?)? Is he a bear (Random House categorizes this book in Animals - Bears)? Is he a dog (kind of looks like one)? Whichever one he is, he's pretty funny. His parents move him to a new city, and we see the experience from Kit's (very honest) perspective, which culminates in Kit shipping his friend Arnold in a moving box in the moving truck! Kit and Arnold also flush the family goldfish at one point. So this series is not for you if you have an impressionable young one who emulates anything he reads! However, if you have a child that loves random, off-beat humor, than have at it. The story's basic plot is the move, but it is set within a frenetic comic book that takes lots of directions, sometimes all at once. This isn't for your struggling reader, as it may confuse him/her, so read it with them instead. But it would be perfect for your bored and reluctant reader, as there is a lot going on to keep him/her interested and entertained.
Author: Michael Townsend Illustrator: Michael Townsend Published: 2009, 96 pages
Themes: Graphic Novel, Humor, Adventure, Moving, Books for Boys
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.

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