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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


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Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom (series #1) PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• Frankie Pickle is the star of this winning new series. He is a fearless fourth grader with a very vivid imagination.
• Kids who enjoy graphic novels, super heroes, and just plain funny stuff will eat these books for breakfast.
• The format of the books in this series is a hybrid graphic novel and early chapter book, a perfect combination for a
   young, newly independent reader you are looking to get "hooked" on reading!
• This particular format is a good confidence booster for a fledgling reader. The appealing sequential-paneled episodes
   interspersed throughout the book (read comic strips), give a fledgling reader a place to rest after reading a few
   pages of text. A rest they will likely need as they are starting out.
• I predict the interest level will span a large age range. My five year old son was entranced while I read it to him.
   Subsequently, after leaving it lying around conspicuously, my ten year old son picked it up and read it in the
   time he would have spent playing a video game (score!).
• As of 2/10, there are two books in the series published, hopefully with more to come.
Sweet Series Background:
Frankie Pickle has one vivid imagination. Frankie and his trusted sidekick Argyle (the family dog) face their adventures together. Frankie gets into all sorts of challenging situations, that young boys are known to find themselves in. But Frankie handles them with a dose of imaginative bravado and real life cleverness. Everytime he finds himself in the middle of problem or distracted by an exciting thought, he becomes a superhero in his mind. The reader is then treated to a comic strip sequence of Frankie's imagined adventure. Written and drawn by Eric Wight's sure hand, your young reader really is in for a treat. Wight's humor is sophiticated enough that older readers (and parents) can enjoy it, but it can also be enjoyed more simply by the youngest readers. That's a tricky span Wight has bridged. Pure and simple genius.
Sweet Book Summary:
Frankie's room is a disaster zone (sound familiar?). And no amount of concentrating has so far produced the super hero power of picking up the clothing and assorted junk with his mind. One day, after the gazillionth time Mom has asked Frankie to take care of his room, Mom changes her tune. She allows Frankie to let his room stay a mess with only one condition. Frankie must deal with any of the consequences. And so begins "The Closet of Doom!" As you might imagine, it really doesn't work out in Frankie's best interest to live in a disaster zone. This highly entertaining story ends with a pristine room but not before the room gets so bad, even Frankie can't handle it. Lucky for us he goes on the journey, and we, the readers get to enjoy the ride.
Author: Eric Wight Illustrator: Eric Wight Published: 2009, 96 pages
Themes: Graphic Novel, Humor, Adventure, Books for Boys
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.

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