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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


Elephant and Piggie: I Broke My Trunk PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
• It's always a cause for celebration when a new Elephant & Piggie is released!
• The way Willems' deft illustrations convey exactly what the character is feeling, without the need for words, is really nothing short of genius.
• In a few short pages, with spare prose, Willems has created a suspenseful story that will have you and your young
   reader hooked from start to finish.
• Your young reader should be able to read it by themselves after only a few shared readings.
• For all those pigeon fans out there, check out the end-papers (the inside, back cover of the books). Pigeon makes a guest appearance!
Sweet Series Background:
I Broke My Trunk! is another wonderful addition in the new(ish) learn-to-read series by Mo Willems.  Think of it in the same vein as a Dr. Seuss book, similar in size and feel, with a bit less text than the longer-winded Seuss books. In the Elephant and Piggie books, Willems effortlessly combines elements required for this learning-to-read genre, like word repetition and sight word inclusion, with comedy, terrific illustrations and a great story-line. The last is what makes this series so special.  So many of the learn-to-read books are dreadfully boring because it is hard to repeat words, keep the vocabulary simple, and still create a great story.  Willems does it effortlessly with Piggie and Elephant.
Sweet Book Summary:
In I Broke My Trunk, Piggie and Gerald take on their usual (hilarious) roles. Piggie, in all her exuberance, would like to know how Gerald hurt his trunk. Gerald, in his usual dramatic fashion, tells the story of how it happened. It involves hippos, rhinos and a large piano. It's a CRAZY story! And one that will have you and your young reader rolling around laughing. Mr. Willems just doesn't disappoint! It boggles the mind, just how many books can this genius produce? Next Elephant and Piggie to be released June 2011. Not soon enough.
Author: Mo Willems Illustrator: Mo Willems Published: 2011, 64 pages
Themes: Friendship, Animals, Excellent Read-Aloud, Humor
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• Who are you most like, Elephant or Piggie?
• What did you think was the funniest part of the story?
• Do you have a friendship in your life like Elephant and Piggie's friendship?
• Do you think it was a good idea for Gerald to have lifted all those people with his trunk?
If You Liked This Book, Try:
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I Will Surprise My Friend!, Mo Willems
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.
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