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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


Oscar and the Snail: A Book About Things We Use PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
Oscar and the Snail offers a subtle introduction to science.
• Look for other books in the Oscar series where he learns about important subjects like sound and electricity.
• The scientific concepts covered in the story are also summarized in the back of the book.
• Waring, creative director of Glamour magazine, apparently based the Oscar character on his own cat, Oskar.
Sweet Book Summary:
Oscar is a gentle kitten who looks around at his garden and wonders about “the things we use.” Luckily he has a little Snail friend to provide him with some really good answers. He learns about nests and the materials that birds use to build them. He discovers that some things float and some things don’t. As he continues exploring in the garden, he learns about shelter and what materials can be used to make one. Snail explains where things like paper, bread and bricks come from and then Oscar has a chance to pass his knowledge on to his friend, Poppy. The colorful illustrations filling each page are exceptional and will help give more meaning to the text. The inquisitive expression on Oscar’s face will make readers curious about what he sees. His discoveries will also help kids make the important connection between the everyday things in their lives and the places they originated.
Author: Geoff Waring Illustrator: Geoff Waring Published: 2011, 32 pages
Themes: Science, Talking Animals
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• What kind of materials were used to build the place where you live?
• Can you describe one of those materials? Is it heavy, light, soft or hard?
• Where could you find that material before it went into your shelter?
• How does Snail know so much?
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa G.
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