A Bedtime for Bear Print

What You Need to Know:
• Another wonderful "Bear and Mouse" book, by the dynamic duo of author Bonnie Becker and illustrator
   Katy MacDonald Denton.
• This is a perfect book for a child who is afraid of going to sleep (although read it first yourself, to make sure it will
   work for you child!).
• The friendship between Bear and Mouse is a wonderfully positive example of compromise and consideration.
Sweet Book Summary:
Reclusive, persnickety Bear is back, and so is his other half, sunny and persistent Mouse. For those of you new to Bear and Mouse adventures, all I can say is lucky you! "A Bedtime for Bear" is the third collaboration that brings back this hilarious odd couple. In this installment, Bear has invited Mouse over for a sleepover - let the games begin!

Bear (unsurprisingly) needs things "just so" in order to fall asleep. Mouse, on the other hand, is curious about all things and has LOADS of questions. Finally, just when Bear thinks he is going to lose his mind, Mouse falls asleep. Bear begins to relax, but what is that he hears? What is that rustle? Bear finds himself very much awake and afraid and has to wake Mouse up for a little comfort. And not a moment too soon. As always, Bear comes around to realizing that having a friend present is always better than being alone with his rigid routine.

Becker does it again. She has written a brilliantly amusing story for children that doesn't condescend. Her humor is sophisticated and so is the vocabulary she has chosen. The illustrations are fantastic, Bear and Mouse absolutely embody their personalities in these pictures. My five year old adores this book and all of the Bear and Mouse adventures (see below for the others). These books are definitely worth purchasing and having on your bookshelf at home for many shared readings.
Author: Bonnie Becker Illustrator: Kady MacDonald Denton Published: 2010, 48 pages
Themes: Animals, Bedtime, Feelings
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.
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