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What You Need to Know:
• Frannie is a funny, spunky little heroine.
• Frannie would like to grow up. NOW.
• This should appeal to both boys and girls, even though it is a girl main character.
• Frannie makes up some words, but not in the style of Junie B. Jones. An example is "…he could feel a machillion
   wings in his stomach…" It is part of her exuberant personality. A million just wouldn't be enough. If this worries you
   know that these made-up words are almost always in a different font, so you can tell your young reader ahead of
   time so as not to cause confusion.
• There is a terrific, age-appropriate and interactive Frankly Frannie website.
Sweet Series Background:
Frannie would like to be an adult immediately. "It is a scientific fact that I try to be a grown-up as oftenly as possible," Frannie says. She lives with mom and dad who often have small smiles on when they listen to Frannie recount her day. But her exuberance and determination to be a grown-up often get Frannie in hot water. This series is about each one of those disasters, um, adventures.
Sweet Book Summary:
Frannie is in a rush to grow up and get a job. She has perfected her resume and business cards and she has asked for a personal assistant for Christmas. During a routine field trip to the local radio station, things go awry. Frannie's class is there visiting Elizabeth's father, who is Sandy of the Sandy Sanders radio show. When Frannie sees Sandy Sander's chair at the radio helm empty, she thinks it's an emergency and steps in to help out. It is in the middle of the question and answer segment, and suddenly Frannie is on the air! Frannie answers a callers question and by mistakenly giving out some false information about the days election, Frannie almost costs the mayor the election. But Frannie truly she is saving the day.

This book is a sweet, amusing story about a spunky, earnest and likable character. I especially like how the author has written the story. She has allowed her main character to make mistakes and get in trouble, but she shows the situation through to a believable and realistic resolve. While Frannie ends up in the paper with the mayor after apologizing to him, she is still grounded for a week. Move over Junie B. Jones, meet Frankly Frannie.
Author: AJ Stern Illustrator: Doreen Mulryan Marts Published: 2010, 128 pages
Themes: Adventure, Humor, Individuality, Independence, Family Life
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• What would you like to be when you grow up?
• Of all the adults in your life, whose job interests you the most?
• What should you do if you get in a jam?
• How could Frannie have avoided all the trouble that happened?
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa Y.
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