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What You Need to Know:
• A young girl, Daisy, who loves language, searches for the perfect word to give her teacher as a going away present.
• Although the story is short, it is descriptive and readers can really get to know Daisy and what she's thinking.
Daisy's Perfect Word is a great choice for a child just beginning to read chapter books.
• This book is the first in a series of four. The next three are expected out in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
• Teachers, parents and librarians should check out sandravfeder.com for some suggestions on incorporating a love
  of words into their own kids' lives.
• Look in the back of the book for Daisy's word lists and her "Golden" Glossary.
Sweet Book Summary:
Daisy's Perfect Word highlights a subject that is relevant to every kid. Daisy loves words, and every child out there, whether consciously or not, is busy soaking up new words on a daily basis. Accumulating words may not seem like that big a deal, but wait until readers take a look at the process from Daisy's point of view.

For Daisy, words are like treasures to be cherished and collected. She searches for them, carefully examines them, and shares them with her best friend, Emma. She even organizes them into creative categories like, "Wow Words", "Quiet-Time Words" and "Sparkling School Words". Beyond their meaning, Daisy thinks about how words make her feel. For example, she doesn't like her neighbor, Samantha, because she uses words like "stop" and "mine". When she learns that her favorite teacher, Miss Goldner, will be moving away, she knows that the only gift worth giving would be a word in her honor. But how to choose the perfect word? With determination and conviction, Daisy sets out to accomplish this lofty goal.

The words on the pages flow just as smoothly as you would expect in a book that focuses on language. Each one feels as though it were carefully chosen and the author does not "talk down" to the reader. The black and white illustrations scattered throughout the pages add a light, whimsical element. Like the words she loves, Daisy's story may sound simple, but it is filled with meaning. For Daisy, words offer her comfort, freedom and stability. She reminds us not to underestimate the importance of words for all the kids in our lives. As children seek their independence and their identities, being in charge of their words is a good place to start. Words can empower them, challenge them, and give them opportunities to make good choices.
Author: Sandra V. Feder Illustrator: Susan Mitchell Published: 2012, 88 pages
Themes: Determination, Excellent Read-Aloud, Friendship, School
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• Do you think that a word makes a good gift?
• If you had to pick your favorite word, what would you choose?
• Were you happy with the word that Daisy chose for Mrs. Goldner? If not, what would you have chosen?
• Have you ever avoided someone, like Daisy does with Samantha? Why?
• How does Emma and Daisy's friendship differ from Emma's friendship with Samantha?
• How do words impact how you feel?
• Is it important to choose your words carefully? Why?
• In what ways has this book changed the way you think about words?
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This recommendation was written by: Melissa G.
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