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Capture the Flag
Kate Messner


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Horrible Histories: Cruel Kings and Mean Queens PDF Print E-mail

What You Need to Know:
Horrible Histories is an extensive series that includes titles like Groovy Greeks and Rotten Romans.
Cruel Kings and Mean Queens is an amusing and entertaining introduction to the British Kings and Queens.
• Taking a family vacation to London? This book is a perfect gift for the airplane ride.
• Readers can refer back to the Family Tree in the front of the book.
• There are comic book style illustrations on almost every page.
• Check out the Horrible Histories website for more information.
• Terry Deary was selected to carry the London 2012 Olympic Torch on one segment of its journey around Britain.
Sweet Book Summary:
This series is a great way to get kids interested in history, and Cruel Kings and Mean Queens is sure to make them curious about British Royalty. It's filled with all kinds of interesting, funny, bizarre and silly facts and legends pertaining to the Royal Family. Readers discover that George II died after he fell off the toilet, Anne Boleyn had six fingers on one hand, Richard III was the last British king to die on the battlefield, and Prince Charles is the only prince to have ridden a killer whale. They also learn some gruesome facts about beheadings (there were 125 at the Tower of London), funerals (a heart was buried separately from its body) and other tragedies (Thomas Becket was "hacked to death" by a group of knights). These gory details seem pretty mild, though, within the context of the book. There are also a few subtle references to the royal family members' extra-marital relationships. While this reference book is certainly not a comprehensive guide to British Royalty, it is informative and easy to read in brief installments. Each King and Queen has their own chapter with clearly defined sections like "Claim to Fame", "Cruel King" or "Fantastic Fact." Comics, multiple choice questions and true/false quizzes will also keep readers engaged and often laughing.
Author: Terry Deary Illustrator: Kate Sheppard Published: 1995, 208 pages
Themes: Geography, History, Humor, Non-Fiction, Reference, Travel
Sweet Discussion Questions:
• Name your favorite fact that you learned from this book?
• If you could travel back in time, which ruler would you choose to live under?
• How do the British Kings and Queens differ from the leadership in your country?
• How has the role of the British King or Queen changed over time?
• Would you like to be part of the Royal Family? Why or why not?
• Why have the British Kings and Queens acted so cruelly throughout history?
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Into the Unknown, Stewart Ross
The Royal Diaries: Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles, Kathryn Lasky
This recommendation was written by: Melissa G.
This book is not available on IndieBound

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